2020/21 Season Updates

Week 22 Update

See DLC's Gameweek update PDF here: This Week or Full Set

Double gameweek 22 in the books. Polarizing captain choices across the league with anyone with Bruno or Kane being happy managers.

Congrats to @tFox for this week's Manager of the Week with a score of 89 points on his Free Hit! @Andy Georgevich and @Scotty P came in 2nd and 3rd with scores of 88 and 86. @Andy Georgevich and @Scotty P are also top of the Manager of the Month standings for January with 1 gameweek to go.

We're halfway through the group stage of the cup now with all managers having played 4 games. Only 2 managers still have a 100% win record but its still all to play for in every group with 5 rounds remaining.

Best transfers of the week (excluding Free Hits and Wildcards) goes to @Syed Abidi who brought in Kane Greenwood and Jota for Ayew Son and Salah for a huge gain of 23 points! Worst transfers goes to @Mo Alrisheq who brought in Son Sanchez and Tierney for Masuaku Foden and James for a loss of 12 points.

@Andy Georgevich @Mike Reiffsteck and @Raymond Bleth were the biggest movers in the league all moving up 2 places with @Andy Georgevich getting back into the Top 3 in the league.

GW23 deadline is on Friday at 12.30pm CT - yet again keep an eye out for cancelations or last minute additions of fixtures. Hopefully the PL will change the rules soon to make it less of a minefield for everyone.

Good luck everyone,

Week 21 Update

See DLC's Gameweek update PDF here: This Week or Full Set

The longest gameweek ever is finally over and we have 36 hours until double GW22 kicks off. As always be cautious about the games as there's a chance some of them can still get canceled.

Congrats to @Tom Oeltgen for this week's Manager of the Week with a huge score of 91 after captaining Bowen for his 21 point haul. @Mike Doherty came in 2nd with 89 points and @Forrest Dyer was 3rd with 88 points.

The 4th round of the group stages of the European Cup is also over. Almost halfway through the group stage and only 3 managers left with a perfect record. Keep an eye on the Qualifying Rankings in the attachment to see if you're close to qualifying for the Champions League - top 2 in the groups go through with 1 wildcard.

Best transfers of the week goes to @Mike Doherty who takes the lead in the league again this week. He brought in Coufal and Bowen for James and Gallagher for a net 29 point gain! Worst transfers of the week goes to @DLC :disappointed: who sold Broja, James and Alonso for Antonio, Johnson and Cash for a loss of 8 points.

@Mo Alrisheq is the biggest mover in the league, moving up 4 places after a great score of 82 with his Free Hit.

GW22 kicks off on Friday at 12.30 pm CT - look out for the teams that have 2 games this week but be wary of any cancelations - good luck all!

Week 20 Update

See DLC's Gameweek update PDF here: This Week or Full Set

A hugely divisive gameweek with those without Salah dodging a bullet as he missed a penalty against Leicester and scored 0 points as most teams' captain. 4 more free hits this week and potentially a few more as we move towards the possible double gameweeks 21 and 22.

Congrats to @DLC for winning Manager of the Week and Month for December with a score of 70 points - quite a lucky few weeks, dodging all the game cancelations and players out through illness. @Michael Adams was 2nd in MotW with 55 points and @Forrest Dyer was 3rd with 52. Congrats to @Mike Doherty and @Tom Oeltgen who were tied 2nd in the Manager of the Month contest for December.

Third round of the Cup group stages is over - only 6 managers have a 100% record but there's a long way to go before Champions League / Europa League qualification is determined.

Best transfers of the week go to @Andy Georgevich who brought in Guaita for Bachmann for a gain of 6 points. Worst transfers go to @Eduardo Tierney who brought in Son, Broja and Emerson Royal for Wilson, Foden and Roberston for a loss of 10 points.

GW21 kicks off early on January 1st with the deadline currently at 5am CT. Note that the Leicester v Norwich game is already postponed and Southampton v Newcastle is also at risk.

Happy New Year to everyone and I hope 2022 brings you luck from the FPL gods.

Week 19 Update

See DLC's Gameweek update PDF here: This Week or Full Set

I hope you all had a good Holiday. A week for the Free Hitters with some big scores flying around for those that got rid of Liverpool for Arsenal or City players.

Congrats to @Robert Aikens on his first ever Manager of the Week in 4 seasons! A very successful Free Hit played with a score of 65. @Ryan Swaim and @Tom Oeltgen both came in 2nd with 57 points, and were coincidentally matched up in the Group B European Cup fixture - both very unlucky to only get a draw in that game this week.

The second round of group stage fixtures have been completed in the European Cup. @tFox and @Mike Reiffsteck both getting strong starts with 2 wins from 2 so far in Groups C and E respectively.

In the Manager of the Month contest for December, we are moving into the final GW with only 13 points covering the top 6 so all to play for there - see attached for details.

Free Hits aside, @Ryan Swaim had the best transfers bringing in Mount and Dier for Havertz and Coady for a net 4 point gain. @Chio Lopez had the worst selling Greenwood and Saint-Maximin for Bernardo and Broja for a loss of 8 points.

At this point (10pm Central Time on Monday December 27th), there are 8 games scheduled to go ahead in GW20 with Arsenal v Wolves and Leeds v Aston Villa both being postponed already. The deadline is at 7.30am Central Time tomorrow morning - I would advise waiting until 7am to make any transfers in case there are further postponements but don't leave it too late as the FPL site crashed 3mins before the deadline in GW19! I hope that didn't impact anyone this GW.

Reminder that this is the last opportunity to use you first wildcard if you still have it. There are 7 managers that still haven't used it - you will lose it after 7.30am tomorrow unless you use it. Also another reminder that everyone will be getting a second Free Hit chip. There are 8 managers that have used their Free Hit this season (4 this week) so they will get another one. The remaining 17 managers should all have 2 Free Hits going forward.

Still a bit of a minefield out there, trying to avoid cancelations, injuries and illnesses. Good luck to everyone in GW20!

Week 18 Update

See DLC's Gameweek update PDF here: This Week or Full Set

Only 4 games in GW18 but still lots of good scores and we at least have a decent break until Boxing Day (26th) now.

Congrats to @Mike Doherty for this week's Manager of the Week, his 3rd of the year. @Scotty P and @DLC coming in 2nd and 3rd with scores of 71 and 68 respectively.

The European Cup games kicked off this week with the first of 10 rounds in the group stage. Each manager will get 2 byes and play 8 games in the group stage. Check out the attachment for results, fixtures, group league tables and Champions League / Europa League qualifying rankings.

@Chio Lopez had the best transfers with a gain of 11 points bringing in Rudiger and Alexander-Arnold for Chalobah and Dier. @Eduardo Tierney had the worst transfers bringing in Foden and Tierney for Sissoko and Alonso for a loss of 11 points.

Shout out to @Mike Doherty as well who is killing it in the league, I don't think we've ever had anyone near the Top 1k overall before and he currently is sitting at 1,761th in the world out of 8.8M teams. The whole league is performing incredibly well this season, with the top 6 all in the Top 100k and the top 12 in the league all in the Top 1M teams - incredible achievement.

Fingers crossed the COVID situation gets under control in the UK soon, at this point in time all the Boxing Day fixtures are going ahead but keep an eye out as cancelations can happen up to 2 hours before the game starts.

Happy Holidays to everyone and Merry Christmas to those that celebrate!

The deadline is currently at 5am CT on Boxing Day so don't miss it.

Week 17 Update

See DLC's Gameweek update PDF here: This Week or Full Set

The season seems to be getting crazier as more and more fixtures are getting canceled - a good idea to keep an eye on any fixture updates as the deadline approaches and not make any transfers until close to the deadline if possible. At this point, GW18 is still going ahead but with only 5 fixtures currently - that may change in the next 24 hours.

The good news is, we had a great LMS final which fortunately was not impacted very much by any of the cancelations. Congrats go to @Andy Georgevich who beat @Michael Adams by 1 point, 62 to 61! Alonso getting subbed before Chelsea lost their clean sheet and Jota missing out on bonus points won it in the end. Our first big prize of $250 goes to @Andy Georgevich! @Michael Adams goes into Group D of the Euro Cup alongside @Mikael Nilsson @Chad Hamer @Eduardo Tierney and @Brian with @Andy Georgevich going into Group E alongside @Mike Reiffsteck @Mik Maloney @Sam O'Connell and @Chio Lopez.

Reminder that the Cup starts immediately in GW18. The fixtures are in the attachment for the Group Stage which runs from GW18 to GW27. The group stage standings will determine the Knock Out Stages which will run from GW28 to GW34. Good luck to everyone in the Cup!

Manager of the Week @DLC had a ton of jam this week with 96 points after getting Broja's 12 points off the bench once the Watford game was canceled after the deadline.

@Mike Doherty had the best transfers bringing in Watkins and Foden for Ronaldo and Brownhill for a gain of 20 points. @tFox had the worst bringing in Jesus and Dennis for Jimenez and Toney for a loss of 4.

GW18 is in 24 hours, don't miss the deadline but I would not be surprised if the remaining 5 games got canceled so hold off on those transfers until as late as possible. With games being canceled there is a huge element of luck for some managers if they don't own the players with canceled games. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do about that and we have to play it as it is, the scoring will continue as long as the FPL site continues. I hope you all understand.

Reminder that only 68% of the league have used their first wildcard so far. That means there are 8 managers with a wildcard left - you can only use it up until the start of GW20, at which point everyone will get a new wildcard and if you haven't used yours you will lose it. Perhaps not the safest time to use a wildcard given all the unknowns about whose game is going ahead but a reminder that you only have limited time to do so.

Stay safe, good luck navigating the next few gameweeks and good luck in GW18!

Week 16 Update

See DLC's Gameweek update PDF here: This Week or Full Set

With GW16 over, we're on to our first big prize of the season in the LMS Final in GW17.

Congrats to @Andy Georgevich for this week's Manager of the Week with a huge score of 92. @Raymond Bleth came in 2nd with 85 and @Brian was 3rd with 84.

Commiserations to @DLC :disappointed_relieved: for going out of LMS with a score of 69. Congrats to @Andy Georgevich and @Michael Adams who go through to the final of LMS next GW. @DLC goes into Group C alongside @tFox @Brian Teitelbaum @Robert Aikens and @Raymond Bleth in the European Cup which kicks off in GW18 - not long to go! Some big $$$ available in the Cup so time to focus on that if you feel your attempt at the league title is over this year.

@Ryan Swaim had the best transfers this week bringing in Cancelo and Dennis for Duffy and Toney for a gain of 12 points. @Eduardo Tierney had the worst bringing in Jota and Antonio for Mbeumo and Kane for a loss of 6.

Good luck to @Michael Adams and @Andy Georgevich in the LMS final in GW17!

Week 15 Update

See DLC's Gameweek update PDF here: This Week or Full Set

GW15 is over and the competition is heating up in LMS with only 2 weeks to go.

Congrats to @Syed Abidi for winning this week's Manager of the Week with a score of 64. @Tom Oeltgen came in second with 60 and @Brian was 3rd with 59.

Commiserations to @Forrest Dyer who went out of LMS in 4th this week with a score of 42 on almost the last touch of the game as Ramsdale got his 3rd save of the game (and therefore 1 extra FPL point) in the 96th minute to take @Michael Adams to safety, 1 point clear. @Forrest Dyer goes into Group B in the European Cup draw alongside @Chris Parkin, @Mo Alrisheq, @Tom Oeltgen and @Ryan Swaim. 3 remain in LMS.

@Travis Dyer had the best transfer of the week yet again bringing in Maupay for Antonio for a gain of 4 points after Maupay scored a very late equalizer against Southampton. The worst transfers were from @Scotty P who took out Antonio and Raphinha for Dennis and Jota for a loss of 9 points.

I've added the European Cup fixtures for Group A and B in the attached update. Reminder that the Cup kicks off in GW18 so prepare your teams!

Good luck to @Andy Georgevich, @Michael Adams and especially @DLC in LMS as we move into the penultimate week.

The Hall of Fame All Time Rankings have been updated on the website. We've had 39 different managers across the 4 years and 14 managers have played every year. The rankings are based on your performance in LMS, The League, The Cup(s), LCS and Manager of the Week and results are discounted the older they are so more recent performances count for more. You can see the rankings here: http://www.negatrophy.com/hof

The deadline for GW16 is on Friday this week at 7.30pm CET / 6.30pm UK / 1.30pm ET / 12.30pm CT / 11.30am MT (I think I covered all the time zones) - don't miss it!

Week 14 Update

See DLC's Gameweek update PDF here: This Week or Full Set

The festive fixture period is here with some great midweek games in GW14 ahead of a short turnaround for GW15 this weekend.

Congrats to @Andy Georgevich for this week's Manager of the Week with a score of 87. @Ryan Swaim came in 2nd with 80 and @Syed Abidi was 3rd with 78.

Commiserations to @Scotty P who went out of LMS with a score of 60 with Salah's brace as everyone else's captain the real killer. @Scotty P completes the Group A draw in the European Cup (attached) which will start in GW18. 4 remain in LMS as we go into GW15.

Congrats to @Andy Georgevich who also won the November Manager of the Month award by 15 points from @Mike Doherty with @Tom Oeltgen in 3rd place a further 7 points back.

@Travis Dyer had the best transfer of the week bringing in Maddison for Sarr for a gain of 10 points. @Mike Reiffsteck had the worst transfers selling Raphinha and Ronaldo for Jota and Vardy for a loss of 15 points.

Less than 36 hours to the GW15 deadline - don't miss it and good luck everyone!

Week 13 Update

See DLC's Gameweek update PDF here: This Week or Full Set

I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!

Congrats to @Forrest Dyer for winning this week's Manager of the Week with a score of 70. @Mike Doherty came in 2nd with 66 and @Brian in 3rd with 62.

Commiserations to @Syed Abidi who went out of LMS with a score of 39. Tough break for Syed and everyone else that had a few Burnley/Spurs players after the game was postponed today. 5 remain in LMS now going into GW14.

@Mike Doherty takes a 5 point lead into the last GW of the November Manager of the Month competition ahead of @Andy Georgevich with a few others close behind also.

@DLC had the best transfers of the week bringing in Jota and Alonso for Havertz and Livramento for a gain of 16 points. @Jake Dyer lost 13 points by transferring in Tsimikas and Regulion for White and Digne.

I've added in a slide for the European Cups which kick off in GW18 now - won't be long! The draw has 4 of the 5 group members sorted already, the last 5 still being decided as LMS wraps up.

Quick turnaround to GW14 now, with the deadline on Tuesday (2 days) - don't miss it!

Good luck,


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